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Who we are

How it all started

The idea of establishing the BlueRRP Institute, a non-profit organization, was conceived in 2017. However, it had to take about three more years for the idea to come to fruition in 2021 when BlueRRP Institute got registered under the Company Act, 2019 (Act 992) of Ghana.

Our mission is to ensure responsible stewardship of inland, coastal and marine resources through participatory evaluation of policies, legislations and plans, research, advocacy, and strong cross-sectoral partnerships.


We achieve our mission

By instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility towards aquatic ecosystems and their resources in the people of Ghana and to an extent West Africa for sustainability. We also shape policies through publication of information including research papers, surveys, annual reports, financial statements, communique, policy reports, and press releases on our website and social media platforms.

Projects 45%
Publications 70%

The ways to help others in the best possible way



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Accountability and Transparency

BLUERRP Institute is committed to meeting global and national standards of quality and accountability. Being accountable and transparent to our stakeholders.

BLUERRP Institute reserves the right to keep certain information secret due to their practical legal ramifications, sensitivity, operational, safety and security considerations.